RedHead Steering Gears - Manual & Power Steering Gear Box

Custom Rebuilt Steering Gear Boxes

We know your classic car or truck project is close to your heart, and it’s important to get every detail exactly right. That’s why we offer customization details like painting your rebuilt steering gear to match your vehicle or the colors of your favorite sports team. Tailgating with your classic or newer truck was never so much fun!

Rebuild your Gear

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Custom Painted
Steering Gears

Purple & Gold Husky Steering Gear
Green & Yellow Duck Steering Gear

We will custom build your steering gear box to meet your need.  We can also paint your gear (or one of ours) to match your truck or celebrate your favorite team.  Call us today to customize your steering gear box.

RedHead has been rebuilding and
remanufacturing steering Gears since 1981.

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